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What do we talk about in It's Time To Think?

From the community ofITTT Topics are selected based on young people's concerns in the form of more than 200 questions received. These are differentiated into two blocks: Exterior world and interior world. 

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Inside world

What is happening inside me?

We are perfect strangers to ourselves, and we do not know it until we begin to learn psychology, philosophy or anthropology; boring words for many, but they open a worldunfathomable: the world you carry inside.

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Outside world

What's happening in the world?

Technology, history, economics, geopolitics, education... asking yourself why things happen will allow you to be free, have your own thoughts and learn to look at the things that happen around you.

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Mundo Exterior

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Public Debate

We live in the society of taboos; That is, topics that very few people dare to talk about. ITTT tries to bring out uncomplicated public debates.


We flee from ideologies. The objective is simply to help young people (and not so young) to develop their own thinking and listen to others, and to give freedom to the speakers when explaining their point of view.

Afective relationships

Why do more than 70% of marriages or de facto couples break up? What is friendship? What is love? What would you never be able to forgive? Why do we consume so much porn? Does it have consequences? Unanswered questions... or not. 


Once we know our weaknesses and strengths, and what is happening in the world, it is time for each of us to consider acting. In this block,social entrepreneurs and civic leaders teach us what channels you can follow to try to change things, and have a positive impact on society.


Since ancient societies, human beings have shared a transcendental dimension of life. This has allowed us to give meaning to our existence, strengthen ourselves and ratify our self.We do not underestimate the spiritual and anthropological dimension of the person with respect to the social or personal one. In this sense, ITTT works to formulate existential questions that take us more than an afternoon to answer.


The great forgotten. Defenestrated in public institutes in 2022, It'stimetothink seeksput the thinking of those philosophers back into fashion classics that changed the lives of so many people... and it does so through very current philosophers.


As Diego Garrocho commented in the second thinkglao,Our progress consists of seeking the best version of ourselves. The importance of having traction, speed in a sense of progress, allows us to mature, be able to better understand our circumstances and, above all, have the guarantee of living with enthusiasm. In this topic we address all the tools that allow us to develop through self-knowledge and self-perception.


Where is technology taking us? How to direct artificial intelligence and other technologies towards good? It's possible? Ina changing world,Listening to innovation experts will allow you to understand where we are going, and how you can master the tools that human progress offers you... so that they do not dominate you.

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