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Luis Fontan

Pejournalist, consultant and many more things

It's all laughter until you realize that you are a complete stranger to yourself. Luis Fontán helps us rediscover ourselves and seriously ask ourselves about 10 big questions.

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Inner world: Personal development

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How do you think? How do you feel? How do you act?

Luis Fontán, as a faithful follower ofself-knowledge, He was able to share with us ten of the great questions that surround human beings in order to be a better person.

“To be happy you have to be good, and to be good you have to care about others. “

All of this can be very idyllic and wonderful, and in most cases, complex. Thanks to Luis we were able to materialize and stop to think to realize thatreality is as it is and we cannot change it. We must accept the complexity of life and realize that what really matters is how we experience what happens to us.

Also, to achieve this disposition it is necessary to know oneself and understand the virtue of our loneliness. “We are never alone, but we are alone. We gain meaning when we live with others and for others. “Living in the refuge of loneliness, escaping emotional dependence.”

In short, we invite you to think about these 10 questions in your daily life to accept your reality and be able to push forward on your path.

“The force that most pushes people towards goodness is love.”



1. Do you know yourself well?

2. How do you relate to reality?

3. Do you accept complexity?

4. Am I simple or complicated?

5. Do you have your own criteria?

6. Do I have hope?

7. Do I have emotional independence?

8. Who do you want to look at you? Who do you want to share your life with?

9. Do you have any happiness formula?

10. How do you manage your freedom?

Thinkglao with Luis Fontán

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