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Miguel Ángel Quintana Paz

Understanding the postmodern world

We could crown Michelangelo as the king of the nouns that we thinkers like the most: thought, nonconformity, debate and action.

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Outside World: Public Debate

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Philosopher eager for action

He graduated in Philosophy and Educational Sciences from theUniversity of Salamanca, achieved the National Award for Completion of Studies in Philosophy in 1996. Also in theUniversity of Salamanca He completed his postgraduate studies at the dDepartment of Philosophy and Logic and Philosophy of Science as well as in itDepartment ofHistory of Law and Legal, Moral and Political Philosophy.


Doctorate in theUniversity of Salamanca, obtained the Extraordinary Doctorate Award with his doctoral thesisNormatity, interpretation and praxis: Wittgenstein in a nihilistic hermeneutic turn.

Has maderesearch stays in Rome, he has served as visiting professor at theFaculty of Political Science and Government and in theFaculty of International Relations, in theSchool of Human Sciences, of theUniversidad Colegio Mayor Nuestra Señora del Rosario, in Colombia and in the various programs of theTheory Research Group of theFaculty of Political Sciences and Sociology of theComplutense University of Madrid… and much more.


He is currently academic director at the Higher Institute of Sociology, Economics and Politics, and participates in numerous podcasts and programs, trying to help society see reality from another perspective.

2023: Where are we going?

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