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Thinktalk in Munich - Alberto Bullejos
Thinktalk in Munich - Alberto Bullejos

jue, 06 jun



Thinktalk in Munich - Alberto Bullejos

(DON’T SETTLE) BE READY TO RISK: How I pursued my dream job

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Horario y ubicación

06 jun 2024, 19:00 – 23:00

München, Neuhauser Str. 47, 80331 München, Alemania

Acerca del evento

How many people struggle with the job they have, don ́t find they belong in that place, are not doing what they truly desire?...Well, 8 years ago I was in that situation too...and it was not nice. I touched bottom...I did not enjoy my job, I was working so much, spending whole lot of time at work, trying to make an impact, be successful, grow in my career...but I just could not maintain this pace...I just wasn’t feeling fulfilled...but why? Well, the reasons why I was doing what I was doing were not the right ones, success, money, nice job title...I was searching happiness through recognition...not through being who I am really supposed to be, unfolding my true self.

When I was a kid I had a dream...I was amazed by the looks of cars and was wondering, who decides the way they look? Since then, I realised I wanted to become a car designer...

“Why you are going to fail to have a great career” How people lie themselves with excuses to not follow their dreams

I said to myself, If I want to try something else and do a different job, and I just had 1 chance, what would it be? I would want to risk and follow my dream…leave my successful career to become a car designer.

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¿En qué consiste un thinkglao?


Abrimos 30 minutos antes con las primeras cervecitas y empezaremos con el picoteo, para ir caldeando el ambiente.

¡No se puede empezar un thinkglao sin una Estrella Damm en la mano!



¿Pensamos? Nuestro invitado especial nos hará pensar en solo 18 minutos. A partir de ahí, abriremos el micro: Cualquiera puede entrar y preguntar, en libertad. Terminaremos hablando de lo que tú quieras.


Pararse a pensar es esencial, pero una vez lo hemos hecho, es el momento de disfrutar. Por un precio reducido tendrás barra libre de Estrella Damm, Vermut Lustau, pizza y muuuy buena gente.

Patrocinador Académico

Cerveza Oficial

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