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La movida del pensamiento libre.

Nos gusta como piensas.

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El momento es ahora.

¿Pandemia? ¿Guerra? ¿Crispación? ¿Inflación? Excusas fuera.

It'stimetothink nace en momentos de incertidumbre con un objetivo: Salir del ruido, fomentar el pensamiento libre y volver a poner de moda la búsqueda de la VERDAD.

IT´sTimeToThink es un movimiento cultural que busca transformar la sociedad a través de la creación de espacios libres.







¡Próximos Thinkglaos!

El 29 de agosto se iniciará la cuarta temporada. En solo 10 meses se organizarán más de 150 thinkglaos en más de 30 ciudades de España, Alemania, Francia, Reino Unido,

Estados Unidos, Argentina, México,  Costa Rica y Uruguay.

  • What is IT'S TIME TO THINK?
    Cultural movement that seeks answers to big questions about oneself and how one behaves with the world. We want to give way to a movement of free thought that changes the world, helping young people to get out of the noise, stop to think and develop critical thinking.
  • What is a thinkglao?
    The name says it all. A thinkglao is an event where 4 things happen: you think, you give your opinion, you drink beer (we are very Estrella Damm) and you meet interesting people. There are several particularities that identify a thinkglao: Stage with a light bulb, a round carpet and a speaker standing, centimeters from the audience. Let knowledge flow. Stopwatch: The speaker has 18 minutes to make us think, no more! As soon as the timer rings, the debate begins. No chairs! all sitting on the floor, close to the speaker, who remains standing. We imagine Socrates in Ancient Greece like this. Laughter: They say that humor is the best way to connect with others. Stopping to think is essential, but once we have done it, it is time to enjoy. For a reduced price (we don't take a €) you will have dinner, wine, beer, music and very good company.
  • How does this come about?
    It'stimetothink was born in March 2020, with the aim of creating digital spaces where young people would take advantage of confinement to stop and think. After the pandemic, in 2022 it goes from the screen to real life. Here a new cultural movement was born, with local communities committed to the development of critical thinking in more than 10 cities. Now, we like everything offline much more than online. You can learn more about our history at this link.
  • How can I find out about the next thinkglaos in my city?
    The thinkglaos are currently present in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Málaga, Jerez, Bilbao, Córdoba, Zaragoza and Valencia. All thinkglaos will be uploaded on this website. In addition, there are cities in which we have notification groups, which you can join HERE< /u>
  • How can I help more people think?
    ITTT is a community. And as a community, it is built and continues to be built with the help of many people. If you want to organize a thinkglao in your city, be part of any of our organizational teams or simply help occasionally, you can write to us at this link

Preguntas + Frecuentes


La comunidad de It'stimetothink está formada por más de 100 voluntarios y 10.000 miembros, repartidos en más de 30 ciudades.

+ 10.000 profesionales con ganas de thinkglaos

+ 50 Expertos con ganas de hacer pensar

¿En qué nos puedes ayudar?

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