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Transform all the cities of Spain

It'stimetothink currently has ZERO employees, and more than SIXTY volunteers who altruistically dedicate their time to the project. Nobody earns a €. We are all united by a mission: Transform Europe, promoting free thought.


Our objective: to create spaces where people think freely in all Europe. We are currently at 4 countries, although we have received requests for more than 15. However, we cannot always attend to them due to lack of budget. Entering a city requires an initial investment of €1,500, an investment that we cover with private donations.

  • €500 in material.

  • €400 in trips by veteran volunteers to train volunteers in new cities.

  • €600 in speakers and venue for the first 3 thinkglaos.

The tickets are intended to finance the food and drink consumed in the thinkglaos, with €6 being the starting price in new cities (includes an open bar of dinner, soft drinks, wine and beer).

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Before March 1, 2024 we want to implement It'stimetothink in:

What point are we at?


2% collected.




15% collected.


98% collected.

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How does it work?

You can donate any amount you want. Upon receiving the donation, we will assign you as an ITTT "partner" in the city you have helped, and we will keep you up to date with ALL the progress there.

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Ayúdanos a transformar San Sebastián, Córdoba, Granada y Gerona

¡Gracias por tu donación!

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