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Cha cha chan… THINKOUTS

Experiences in face-to-face format.

Think + Out =Thinkouts

(Times to stop and think + beers and wines in good company) 

Getting out of the noise, fleeing from the algorithms of social networks, listening to others and seeking the truth is more necessary than ever.

In times of change, it is decisive to have a space where we can stop, look around us and search for the why of things.


….Thinkglaos is coming! 


Space outside the noise.


Thinktalks designed based on a key question that affects the lives of young people. Two possible blocks: Inner world or outer world.


 The speaker answers the initial question with a timer ticking back to 18 minutes, with the aim of making us think. From there, 1 hour of free interaction between the public and the speaker begins. 


Live music, beers, wines, dinner and good people. We are very fond of Vermouth Lustau and Estrella Damm.


Where are the next thinkglaos?

unique spaces, surrounded by inspiration, good vibes and good people.In the coming months they will organize thinkglaos in the following cities:


  • Madrid

  • Barcelona

  • Seville

  • Valencia

  • Bilbao

  • Sherry

  • Girona

  • Alicante

  • Cordova

  • Grenade

  • Saragossa

  • Murcia

  • Malaga

  • Oviedo

  • Brussels

  • Munich

  • Florence


Set up a thinkglao in your city!

Do you want to transform your city and create a space where people can stop, think and enjoy? It's much easier than you imagine. Contact the It'stimetothink team of volunteers.  


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