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Do we stop to think?

It'stimetothink started as a group of 5 friends. It is now a community of more than 30 volunteers and 6,000 members, in more than 10 cities.


The history

March 13, 2020. Half the world has been locked in their homes for just hours. Millions of people are scared, to say the least. In this context, a group of friends asks themselves the following question: "What if we take advantage of all this to stand up and grow?The moment is now". At that time thinktalks were born, or what is the same, interactive talks where anyone could enter and debate with an expert.


As the weeks went by, those few friends ended up becoming more than 6,000 members and more than 100,000 unique viewers between YouTube, Instagram, Spotify and Ivoox. 

Times change quickly, and reaching many people virtually was of little use. In 2022, thethinkglaos: physical spaces where experts from various fields answer the questions that young people continue to ask ourselves, but between pizzas, wine and buckets full of beer. IT'S TIME TO THINK went from the screen to real life.

Currently IT'S TIME TO THINK it has creative minorities created in more than 10 different cities, and each community has its organizing team. You can join your city group in thislink.

Our team

ITT is made up of 3 groups of people.


Hecore teamIt is made up of 8 young professionals from different branches (engineering, journalism, logistics, education, audiovisuals, marketing, consulting and law) who are in charge of generating digital content and supporting each of the local communities.


Each local community, in turn, has a team oforganizers who look for spaces and coordinate the organization of thinkglaos in their cities. There are currently more than 50 organizers in more than 10 cities.

Finally, themembers (currently more than 6,000) are those who use this content or these events to stop, think and meet good people.

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