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Thomas Alfaro Drake

Reason and life experience

If there is a person capable of creating in his speech a relaxed atmosphere of humor, closeness, powerful content -and voice- and a lot, a lot of reflection, it is Tomás Álfaro Drake.

Inner world: Science-Faith

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Financier eager to inspire 

Initially, Tomás carried out theengineering degree, and completed an MBAat IESE. His work activities were initially carried out in the Spanish companies Dimetal, Johnson Wax. Later, at IE Business School he held positions as director of the Marketing Area, director of the Master Program in Commercial Management and Marketing and Academic Director. From 1998 to the present, he holds the position of director of the Bachelor's and Degree in Administration, in addition to the degree in Business Management and the Degree in Marketing together with the Diploma in Business Sciences at the Francisco de Vitoria University.

Regarding his main area, Finance, he is in the category of associate professor of Financial Management and Commercial and Marketing Management at IE Business School. Where his teaching activities have taken him further to become a member of the BBVA Board of Directors.

But Tomás is a box of surprises since in addition to being an expert in finance and sharing his gifts through books (''How to understand and use financial markets'', ''Marketing as a competitive weapon''), he alsocontributes to society with his reasoning about the existence of the afterlife, for example, with his book “Beyond Science.”

 Tomás, we love having you among us so that thinkglao can give life to the words that make up that fusion... Think + tinglao=THINKGLAO

The 3 big questions of history

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